Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Cons of Trophy Giraffe Hunting

Dear Change.Org,
      I see your organization is against the use of giraffes for trophy hunting. I really enjoyed reading your website as it provides facts from both sides of the controversy. I agree with your concern with the questioning of how sustainably managed the species population really is in Africa. You provide important supporting statistics of how the population has nearly halved within the past 30 years and has even became extinct in some areas. You show great detail in how the practice can help the country and its people by profitability of money and distribution of the giraffe meat to local communities. You also take on the point that human development is a likely contributor to the population declination, but help keep your readers interested in not only questioning how sustainable this species is through hunting, but how ethical is the overall hunting practice.

     Although I agree with your concern, there are many businesses out there that are doing their part in conserving the species and having concern for the welfare of the animal. Many of the hunts are conducted by trained professionals on private lands. These professionals provide tourists with the information needed in order to get a clean kill. There are some areas that are in fact increasing their population numbers due to their conservation efforts through giraffe trophy hunting, according to Dr. Fennessy. It is only when looking at the country as a whole when the populations are seen to be declining.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Jocelyn Delhotal

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