Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Pros of Trophy Giraffe Hunting

Dear African Sky Hunting,

                I am researching the benefits of trophy hunting, specifically dealing with the giraffe species. I have found that it can control their population and help with conservation efforts. I also see that it brings a lot of tourism and money for your area as well as creating a lot of job opportunities for your citizens. I noticed from looking at the information on your website though, that important facts like these were not openly presented. However, one thing I did see on your site that I did not see on other hunting websites, is the description of the anatomy of the giraffe and where the best place to hit with a bullet would be along with what bullet and gun to use. This statement plays into the fact that you do not want the animal to suffer and teach the public how to correctly shoot the animal so it can die instantly with minimal pain.

                After reading through your website, I believe that stating the benefits that your organization has for not only the people and economy, but how hunting a giraffe can benefit the species through things such as conservation, would be of great benefit to your organization. The public should be aware of how their money would be spent on the art of conservation of the species in order to bring protection to the animal for purpose of continued hunting in the future. Also, much of the public is not aware that giraffe meat can be used for human consumption. Facts such as this and the ones stated above should be presented and explained in ways that the public would be able to understand. This would help calm activists who come across your site along with the possibility of attracting more tourists if they have an idea of the benefits your business brings to both humans and the animal species.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Jocelyn Delhotal

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